it has been one of those weeks where i am tired and ready for bedtime before 9am. we haven't been out to the library or the gym or for any playdates. the weather, although nice for my potted plants - maybe not so great for my veggies - has not helped my blah feeling. luca and i are playing tug of war all day long and gia and i are pretty much the same. they both seem to have hit a phase of extreme independence and willfulness. i am also assuming they are playing off one another - super fun. it is exhausting and humbling when two young children can bring out ugliness in me. i feel like i am yelling too much and i just keep coming back to God thankful of his amazing and unending grace.

when i get a chance i am trying to unpack and set up house. i have no grand plans of this being completed before the start of the school year, but i can only plug away. we are about 95% done with the floors though, so yeah!


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