three haircuts in one week

hello! we are still here. just continuing to chip away at the house and unpacking, plus we had an awesome 10 day visit from jesse's mom. plus i have been dealing with the majoy fibro flare-up that has been plaguing me all summer. i am actually a bit too tired to be writing anything much coherently and i should go let luca out from his nap/quiet time. but i am putting up a poll this afternoon and will run it until tomorrow for anyone who may read this. to preface it, i need to explain a few things. first off, up until last week luca's hair was reaching past his shoulders. so i cut a good three inches off a week ago today and it looked super cute. still really long and shaggy, but not out of control. well, luca decided to experiment with some hair cutting of his own on monday afternoon (bound to happen at some point i guess) and he cut off an additional three or so inches in several place around his head. all in all, i think it is very funny. but the problem is i am not sure if i can or want to salvage this myself at home. i am taking him in tomorrow morning for a haircut and wanted some of your thoughts, faithful blog reader (or faithful blog checker since not much reading has been going on here lately). so read the poll and cast your vote. who knows what will happen! (pics to come)


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