the BIG news

i can't BELIEVE i have NOT blogged about this yet. a MILESTONE in luca's life - in OUR lives as parents. READY for it? luca NO LONGER uses a PACIFIER!!!!

YEP. the PACI has been retired to the paci BOX. as of SUNDAY JUNE 22ND.

here is how we CELEBRATED:

i apologize for the obnoxious yelling in the background. and i will quit with the caps lock.

so the timeline went:
-luca willingly putting the paci in the box sunday afternoon
-luca choosing a prize out of the "i'm-a-big-boy-now-treasure-box"
-luca screaming and crying for just under two hours sunday night wanting the paci back
-luca waking up monday and receiving a second prize out of the treasure box
-luca crying and upset during his nap/quiet time due to no paci
-luca crying for a half hour monday night
-luca waking up tuesday morning and receiving a third prize out of the box
-luca crying for 20 minutes at naptime and then actually sleeping for an hour and a half
-luca going right to sleep tuesday and wednesday night
-luca receiving prizes both mornings
-all of us celebrating with a special dinner thursday night

anyway, we went to jupiters - a yummy pizza and billiards place in town that has opened a second more family friendly location complete with a dave and busters meets chuck e. cheese atmosphere . . . of sorts.

yes, he actually could reach - barely.

luca's games lasted about 45 seconds as he like to make the car hit stuff and make his papi want to take over the steering wheel. i know gia just wanted to show him up with her mad skills (and yes all true race car drivers wear tu-tus)

thirsty work

his "snakey-head" sharing the lemonade. this was the toy he bought with his tickets.

i know it seems like a lot of hassle but i was extremely nervous about this process. i need my rest and sleep in the afternoon and evenings or i spiral down quickly healthwise and emotionally. maybe more than luca, i was using the paci as a crutch to calm and peaceful times. i have been gearing up for this for several months, but it never felt like the right time with all of the moving. thank God it is now done.


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