if i was writing this 35 minutes from now i could say today, but regardless we will be signing the papers to officially purchase our new home in under ten hours. we had the final walk-through this afternoon and it was so hard to leave. it felt like our place already. the only hitch is that one of the ac units was not working (there is one for the first and second floors so this was the older one servicing the first floor). we haven't had any ac weather yet this year, so we are positive it was an oversight on the seller's part. it should all get worked out tomorrow morning. we begin demo on the carpet upstairs tomorrow afternoon and will work through the week (with the help of my dad). final moving day - saturday!

since i finally found the camera battery (you may have guessed by the photos posted yesterday) - it was rolled up inside the dipaer changing pad in the diaper bag, guess we haven't had much use of it for two weeks :) - i will be sure to post tons of photos starting tomorrow night, however, i think my posting will continue to be sporadic with all of the hustle and bustle.

love you all and good night!


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