just saying hi

we're alive. in case you were wondering. (yes the tornado sirens went off the night we moved in but all is well)

didn't get internet hooked up at the new place until last friday, but the connection has been super slow with all of the bad weather out here. also our wireless connection is undergoing some work for a couple more days. so instead of standing at the kitchen counter for hours waiting for things to connect i have been avoiding the computer.

major fibro flare-up for me as well as deaing with a three year old's mood swings (this second move seems to have really thrown luca for a loop). gia is having some weird stuff going on so we are taking her to the doctor today or tomorrow. floors are still not installed upstairs - definitely a story in that. but overall, we are loving the house and our welcome to the neighborhood has been great. cookies, potted plants, and a huge basket o goodies (including the most amazing orange scones ever) plus lots of visits from friends and meeting new people. there is a family with two boys (ages 5 and 2) two doors down and across the street a baby girl just 8 months younger than gia. yeah!


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