the carpet dance

leave it to my dad to come up with alter egos for himself, his grandson and his son-in-law while ripping up the carpet this afternoon. oh, wait, i don't want to forget the imaginary guy joey bag o' donuts who is on perpetual break outside. "sammy" was luca's nickname for the day and he played the part wholeheartedly. from the first, "let's throw these babies (carpet pieces) out the window!" luca was hooked. the dumpster in the driveway became the "stroller" and luca was chucking "babies" out it every chance he got. they also came up with a carpet dance as seen in the above video.

the floors are nearly prepped. all the carpet is out. most of the baseboard is pulled up. the guys (minus little sammy) are over there pulling up tack strips and staples. the floors have been picked up (or so i believe) and hopedully have begun the 24 hour acclimation floor prep.

oh and can i express in words how badly i want to be sleeping there tonight? even if on osb sub-flooring.


Roxanne said...

so sweet- luca with your dad! :) COngrats on the house!

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