the best laid plans. . .

. . . of mice and men often go awry. or in this case of floors and moving.

so when i posted yesterday that the floors were being picked up and beginning their 24 hour acclimation period, that was after 1)calling home depot and being told they had arrived, 2)saying good-bye to jesse as he left to pick up our friend fred's truck for the transport of said floors, and 3)believing that these two facts equaled my assumption. wrong. jesse and my dad spent an aggravating hour or so at the store last night while the very nice customer service people searched for our pallet o' hardwood to no avail. "we'll look for it again in the morning when other flooring people are in," they assured us. well, this morning was even more frustrating as the truth of the matter has unraveled further. although the store signed for our order yesterday, they can not find it. most likely, it never got off the truck. well, not true. 5 boxes of our 42 are there.

our only option right now is to wait and see if they arrive on friday's truck. so much for getting them done by saturday. moving day is now up in air. i am maintaining an attitude of thankfulness and peace (with mucho help from the holy spirit). i'll keep you posted.


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