i am sick (for the seventh month in a row - seriously - not counting fibro, et al).
luca is watching a lot of tv and eating a lot of snakcs.
gia is taking a super long morning nap (does not bode well for the afternoon naptime).
jesse is driving to siu for work.
we received the appraisal on our soon-to-be home - all looks great.
our closing is about to be scheduled - couldn't be soon enough.
i missed my morning workout and it makes me cranky.
i have no ice cream in the house.
did i mention i am sick.
my house is a mess.
i am wearing my pajamas and don't plan on changing.
i miss my friends (and cinco dinner).
i am not enjoying living out of boxes.
did i say cranky . . . and sick . . . and i want a day off . . . and i want to move to my house.

so today is a mixed bag of frustrating and exciting.


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better real soon.

Aunt Cris

Roxanne said...

ANn- hope you feel better asap - and really just b/c you are sick you shoudl not be feeding Luca snakes?:) I love typos (mostly b/c I ALWAYS have them)

annalea said...

thanks rox - that made me smile

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