my promise

i'll play catch-up soon. i have been sooooo busy that i have had four different babysitters for the babes this week so i can get it all done. to give you an idea . . . a doctor's surgical consultation (no surgery needed - yeah) and a wedding cake to bake and decorate (it's done - now to get it to normal). oh and the mothers day monsoon that took our power for all of sunday. anyway, that and much more to blog about next week. i am off to my dear friend karen's wedding - driving the cake over this afternoon (prayer please), rehearsal tonight, ceremony and reception tomorrow!

the kids are great - luca's most endearing new habit: saying "got-for" instead of forgot. example, "we got-for the bag in the car." gia is cuddlier than ever, we suspect she is not feeling well, but one of those, "is she teething?" "an ear infection?" "something else?" she is also asking for "guca" after every nap. when he is sleeping, she repeats it every few seconds until he awakes


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