let's go fly a kite

and see some farm animals too.

this afternoon we finally were able to break out luca's spider-man kite he received as a gift this spring. we had amazing weather and blue skies (for once on a weekend). luca was a natural - literally just grabbed the handle, ran off, and it flew into the air. he continued running all around the field (oh three year old energy) until jesse showed him how to get it up "real high" standing in one place.

gia and i ran around in the grass getting mooed at by cows from prairie farm. get this - our town has a free (yes, free) farm through the park district open all summer from noon to 7pm. cool, huh? and it is just blocks from the rental house. too bad we are moving this week :)

we went over for a little visit. the peackock was super loud, but all of the babies were adorable. who doesn't like little fluffly ducklings heaped in a pile?


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