house update

just 12 days until we are homeowners once again (see countdown clock to the left)! last week our closing wa scheduled for 9am on monday june 2nd. we will do the final walk-through at 8am that morning. although we were really hoping that the sellers would decide to move a week early (however unlikely), it feels good to have something finalized.

we have been busy getting ready for moving a second time in three months. i have started repacking the boxes we have been living out of and it seems like we are in pretty good shape. we have been searching craiglist and the paper for furniture ads and garage sales. i found some great stuff - i.e. dining room chairs that used seat jurors at the champaign county courthouse.

although wiped from a long, exhilarating weekend celebrating the marriage of two amazing people, jesse and i took the kiddos to the orange store, the blue store, and the green store last sunday. (for those of you who don't understand luca speak fluently this translates to the home depot, lowes, and menards) we were in search of wood flooring samples to bring over to the green house (our soon-to-be home). thankfully each of these stores has an amazing sale for the month of may. we then visited our new place after dinner to make a choice. the order was placed monday night in order for it arrive by closing. we also are in the process of reserving a moving truck for saturday june 7th. we will spend the 2nd-6th replacing the second floor carpet with hardwood and cleaning/prepping the house. we have until june 15th to move completely out of our rental, but i know once we have the keys we are going to have a hard time not camping out on the bare floors the first night. (seriously, that is what we did with our first house, but then again there were no babes to worry about. i don't think luca and gia would be too thrilled about that option.)

so if any of you want to make the trip to help out that week or saturday the 7th we would love to have you!


Loutrel said...

Actually, Gia and Luca would probably love to sleep on the floor with us like a camp out. We would just have to get used to the rollie pollies

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