better now, thanks

well, after my emotional download yesterday, i was determined to make an effort to enjoy today and continue building into our lives here in champaign. we called up our friends kacey and stephanie with daughter ingrid and invited them over for a memorial day bbq. a little leery that the weather would not cooperate, imagine our delight when the sun broke through the clouds and drizzle for the first time all day about a half hour before our little party was to start. the kiddos splashed and played at the water table - its debut of the year and altogether big hit with little ones. the food was yummy. i made this cilantro butter for the grilled corn on the cob - amazing. next time i plan on slathering it on the ears before grilling. i still haven't found the camera battery so no pics - would have loved to capture gia chowin on the watermelon while waiting for our guests. she is hooked!

this was just what i needed.


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