and for your photo fix

here are some gems from memorial day weekend last year that missed being posted on this blog by mere days (our hartbeat birthday: june 1st). funny thing is - i think luca looks more different than gia. he has thinned out so much - well to be more accurate, stretched out. no more rubberband wrists and mr. cankles for him. gia has added a mop of curls (really her ringlets are getting amazingly tight as the humidity increases) but is pretty similarly proportioned. although children supposedly change more the younger they are, i think gia at 17 months looks pretty similar to gia at say 3 months. luca, on the other hand, is almost a different child every six months of his life. funny thing is that i was continuously told growing up that i looked the same year to year. guess that is another thing my mini me has inherited.


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