papa george

last sunday, we brought the kids (luca, gia, and cameron) to a local greek restaurant that came highly recommended. deservedly so. yummy goodness was had by all at papa george, my dolmades and lamb meatballs, gia's mousaka, cam's spanakopita, jesse's pork chops and potatoes, and luca's water with ice and lemon and the occasional piece of pita bread poached off my plate. oh and the crusty warm bread with tapenade (greek version of chips and salsa)! my only complaint is that they did not offer hummus and pita on the kids menu (we were committed to ordering off of it for the little 'uns as they eat free on sundays). this is luca's fave food in the world (seriously he wants it every day for lunch and dinner and snacktimes in between).

jesse with a mouthful!

gia grabbing some food off papi's plate.

my boys chillin'

gia chowin' on a grilled red pepper

the remnants of my meal (aka my lunch on monday)


Roxanne said...

ANni loves hummus too!! If she even gets a peek of it in the fridge it is meltdown city if I do not offer it to her! our kiddos are funny!

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