just a sampling

luca has begun the very adorable, very exhausting phase of asking a "why" question every couple seconds. no joke. he will seriously ask me one question after another for 5 minutes straight. he pays attention to every answer and usually has a follow-up (or 20). here are some from this week:

why dey make chips?
why my an eaterstein?
why my like hummus?
why gia a climberstein?
why the sky blue?
why there clouds in the sky?
why my pick you a flower?
why is flaco meowing?
why the flag winding (flapping in the wind)?
why food gives me energy?

(we started adding the suffix "stein" to our nicknames for the kids recently and luca loves it. now, everytime he describes himself or gia he adds it also. i.e. gooferstein, climberstein, tooterstein, cuddlerstein. . .)


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