i have not been as present in the blogosphere as usual. the move, the serious case of strep that jesse and luca had last week, fatigue from my new exercise routine (joined a gym - yeah!), or lack of motivation.

well, still not much i have the time/energy to say/write. here are a couple little videos though. it is an excellent example of the relationship between luca and gia at this stage in their lives. they love to make each other laugh and play simple games. but then luca gets overexcited and a bit rough, gia starts whining and crying, luca retaliates with even rougher play, gia wants me to hold/rescue her, and then luca usually acts out by throwing/hitting something (in this case grabbing the camera lens - a big no-no as he knows).

no babies were harmed in the making of these videos. in case you get worried gia might topple over the edge of the chair (mom) - i had my hand on her most of the time and she did not fall off.


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