nature walk

as part of our day of rest yesterday, we spent time as a family at meadowbrook park wandering around the prairie and gardens. jesse and i really love this place (we have spent two of our seven anniversary celebrations at this place in some way) and it is the first time we have been able to share the experience with the kiddos. i was even more excited to be there at the beginning of the growing season. we spent a lot of time pointing out new growth to luca (green shoots in the soil, buds on the trees), eating yummy trail mix (our son is addicted to nuts people), and otherwise just having a leisurely walk on the trails. gia was more excited about the other people we came across - she didn't understand why they didn't stop and play with her - and both of the little ones loved the pinwheel garden. we plan on making this a regular trip - both for fun and education. although i am a true believer in making learning a way of life from birth, there is something special about luca's age this year. he really understand and remembers much more. we spent part of this morning replaying yesterday's walk. when asked, he remembered, "some tress with paper falling off. papi show me some trees no paper falling." (translation: we saw beech trees with the trunks peeling and then contrasted those with tree trunks that weren't) we opened up seed pods and acorns, searched the wooded areas for animals, and felt the varying textures of leaves.


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sounds soo fun! I need some signs of spring :)

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