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apologies, apologies for my blogging absence. not that i assume everything i post is so important but i know many of you are waiting for news of all the changes and updates of this crazy time. i will try to make up for it now but only briefly as i need to close my eyes and recover.

we have just closed up a busy weekend of showings and open houses. they were very successful and we have 5 seriously interested buyers. one young engaged couple came friday night, had family come yesterday, and then came back today with both sets of parents. they left saying they would be in touch! we had a great time but i am paying for all of our work with my utter exhaustion and back pain.

we went over to champaign last night to see a house that we had been eying all week. the seller had an offer in hand so we had little hope it would remain available until we were ready. but thankfully it was not what we would be looking for and was priced too high. it helps to be at a house in person to get past the idealized, sanitized photo/on-line version of it. we have come to terms with the tremendous task ahead of us as we search for a new home.

where are the children you ask? well my generous parents have been watching them all weekend. this gave us time and energy to prepare for the open houses. i drove up to the burbs thursday morning and stayed the night. coming back on friday morning, i blasted the cd player, singing with chasing furies and ben pasley the entire drive. no cries, complaints, requests for food/toys/music from the backseat. it was fantastic i have to admit. the reality is jesse and i spent most of dinner discussing how much we missed them. i will make the trip to reclaim my babies tomorrow.

the biggest news of all: jesse has a new job! i mentioned in a previous post that i would tell the story of last saturday. well, after inquiring about job opportunities at an engineering firm in champaign, jesse was asked to come for an interview last weekend. by the end of the interview, he was told they would like to make him an offer and it would be sent to him at the beginning of the week. after much prayer and some negotiation, jesse accepted an amazing position with henneman engineering, inc. he is thrilled about this job and the projects he will be working on. on friday, jesse put in his two weeks notice. the commute will begin no later than the 25th.

as we look back on these past two weeks, we feel affirmation that we are moving in the right direction. that's all for now. good night!


The Miz or Hads if you prefer said...

Hey if Jesse wants a commuting partner on Wednesdays I am his man.

Mrs. Lizzy Lou said...

Hey Annalea! I found your blog from Josh's. Congratulations on selling your house! And I've worked with Henneman Engineering on a number of projects (we're a subcontractor for them) and they are awesome. It'll be a great place for Jesse to work!

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