i thought i would illustrate my monday in the following manner:

i wake up with a churning stomach for the eighth morning in a row - selling a house is nerve-wracking

i leave a message with our attorney regarding documents we need to finish if we want to receive any offers on our house and be legal. i want to be prepared even if i am being overly hopeful.

i receive phone call from interested buyers requesting meeting to discuss offer tonight or tomorrow night. i guess hopeful is appropriate.

10:30am i hurriedly begin working on gathering any/all paperwork, e-mailing jesse several times in order to coordinate a "working lunch" for the two of us.

11am i receive phone call from second interested buyers' agent requesting final walk through at 4:15 today. yes, definitely hopeful, but anxious, definitely anxious.

11:30am i call first buyer and inform her of other meeting scheduled. she asks to come at 3:15 to place her offer. i agree.

11:35am i place second phone call to our attorney and reach him at home. he is very helpful and i feel (somewhat) prepared for the afternoon.

12pm jesse and i quickly finish all necessary paperwork (lead-based paint disclosure form and property disclosure form) prior to my meetings with the buyers over his lunch hour. i feel much more prepared for the afternoon.

1pm - 3:10pm lots of prayer people, lots of prayer

3:15pm meet with couple #1 to walk through house, answer questions, fill out forms.

4:15pm couple #1 begins writing out their offer at my dining room table while couple #2 and agent arrive for walk through. i give detailed tour to a slightly intimidating but very nice realtor.

4:20pm couple #1 hand me offer and leave.

4:40pm couple #2 and agent leave to discuss and write out offer.

5:15pm jesse arrives home from work to provide companionship in the craziness.

5:30pm agent returns alone and delivers offer.

6:00pm i take much needed break and unwind. jesse takes imitrex.

6:30pm jesse and i discuss offers and decide on counter offer for couple #1. we call our attorney with questions on contract and leave message.

6:45pm we call couple #1 with verbal counter offer (with a promise of no more negotiation with couple #2 if accepted)

7:11pm over the phone, we receive a verbal acceptance of counter offer from couple #1. we plan on meeting later tonight once we hear back our lawyer with the hope to complete all paperwork by tomorrow morning.

7:54pm we speak to our attorney and he patiently answers my gazillion questions on the contract and oh so fun legalese

8:22pm i hang up the phone with the attorney and call our buyers. they agree to come over immediately to fill out paperwork.

8:30pm i quickly pick up my house to impress a home buyer for what i hope is the last time. (this is fairly quick considering my children are still up north. did i mention that at some point among the many morning phone calls, my mom assured me they would be fine an extra day. total blessing)

8:45pm buyers arrive, we fill out contract with lots of initialing. at one point we realize there is a pamphlet and form missing, but thank God for the internet and the readily available pdf's it provides.

9:42pm (approximately) we make it official with our signatures. whoa, we just sold our house. for serious.

9:50pm buyers leave (for the second time, considering we almost forgot to get the earnest money check when they initially walked out the door).

9:55pm we open a bottle of sparkling cider (not a good idea to mix alcohol with nerves and migraine meds - we'll save the real stuff for the closing) and celebrate that in one week we sold our home.

that's about it - just your average monday.


Renee said...

Wow Annalea. Your average Mondays are a little more exciting than mine! ;) Congratulations! It's got to be a HUGE relief now...maybe even anti-climactic...so much work and BAM it's all over. But still a huge relief and you don't have to keep your house spotless every second. Can't complain about that, huh?

Josh said...

Congratulations! I'm so hopeful your closing goes through smoothly.


Roxanne said...

WOW! taht is crazy fast with the market- nutz! yeah God!

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