they don't get it from me

so the video isn't as cute as i had hoped when filming . . . too much background noise from the drive. but, my children have a funny little habit of snoring really loud. and let me tell you, it sounds oddly familiar. oh yeah, like when i have to nudge jesse in the middle of the night so i can get some sleep. luca is so loud that i can usually hear him when his door is closed and i am downstairs reading during his naps. gia seems to be following in his footsteps. maybe i can get some footage where the sound is clearer to prove my point. i could actually just point the camera at jesse sleeping on the couch right now.

we spent the day looking at houses in champaign. it was fun, informative, and exhausting. our friends the norcrosses graciously watched the babes for several hours while we trekked from home to home with a very cool real estate agent. a small world moment occurred when we realized he and his wife are on the support team for a gcm staffer formerly at i-life in champaign. when he asked, "do you know dan herron?" jesse's reply was, "i stood up in his wedding." anyway, nothing seemed right just yet, but we learned more about what the neighorhood has to offer. very important but little immediate reward. we also looked at some rentals and found some good leads if needed.

btw, our posting will probably continue to be sporadic during this transition. i do enjoy daily writing, but i find myseld too busy or tired many nights to formulate somewhat coherent thoughts. (not that i claim my postings are coherent at all times)


Kristin said...

Thanks for the was great to hear from you!! I know, I can't believe how much has changed since the beginning days of Cornerstone. It's crazy!!! I'm loving facebook and blogging to keep up with everyone, though.

P.S. I can't believe you're selling your house!! I remember when you bought it and all the work that went into it! Someone will buy made it too cute to be unsellable! ;)

annalea said...

we actually signed a contract with an engaged couple last monday and hopefully a closing date will be set tomorrow!

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