at times i feel like i live with a sullen teenager rather than a not quite two year old boy. a quickly becoming regular answer to our questions of "what did you do (to gia)?" or "what are you playing with?" or "what do you want to eat?": "nuffing" (nothing in luca speak). so this can be a bit frustrating, especially when he is not being honest (i.e. real answer should be "my pushed gia and she fell" or "the toy my not sposed to play with" or "not my veggies")

today, however, i had to avoid a different reaction at one of his explanations containing this new fave word. we were preparing to make chocolate chip cookies and i had the ingredients set out on the counter. i left luca standing on a chair waiting for me to finish a diaper change on gia. all of a sudden i hear the rustling of a plastic. knowing that the chocolate chips would be a great temptation to my little boy (and that i had opened the bag earlier for some personal sampling) i quickly asked from the next room, "luca, what are you doing?"

his reply, "my not doing nuffing!" actually pretty accurate, but not quite what he meant.

as i walked in the room, he continues to explain, "my not eating nuffing now." and he opened his mouth to prove it.

i walked up closer and asked to see his teeth. the chocolate covered molars gave away the truth. i asked, "luca, did you eat some chocolate chips."

he then looked at me wide-eyed and said, "my eat dem earlier. my just eat the ones on the counter." (i take this to mean some had fallen out of the bag.)

i explain, "honey, if you want to eat chocolate chips you need to ask first."

deadpan, he countered, "my just ask myself."

okay, so i bite the inside of my cheek and try to keep from totally laughing at this reasoning. i am picturing his little mind thinking, "self, can my have some chocolate chips? uh huh, dey taste nummy."

(jesse just reminded me of another classic luca moment from this evening. after reading books with the kiddos at bedtime, jesse put gia down and left the boy in bed. he returned to the room to pray with and tuck in luca, but the room was empty. he soon heard little boy noises coming from under the bed. being a good papi, he started to "search" for luca under the covers and pillows. he stuck his toes under the bed while doing this to tempt the boy. taking the bait, luca started to poke the toes. jesse jumped back in "surprise." as he bent down to pull up the dust ruffle, luca popped his out and reassured jesse, "it's me, guca. my no monster.")


bec said...

Hilarious. Sorry about the home buyers though. Do you still have contact info for the other interested parties? Someone else will come along. That would be so disappointing:(

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