the little movie that could

our favorite movie of 2007 (once) just won best original song at the oscars. seriously the only reason i kept them on for the last hour was to find out. yeah! glen hansard was so cute during his acceptance. if you still haven't seen this movie, go rent it!

(and now that marketa just came out - courtesy of jon stewart or someone else behind the scenes - her little thank you was very beautiful and thoughtful. my favorite of the night regardless of my bias.)


bec said...

Their song was so beautiful of course. Real musicians. I was ecstatic when they won, clapping and smiling like an idiot. I was also happy that La Vie en Rose got some recognition!

annalea said...

i haven't seen that one yet - you? it looks beautiful and has now been added to my list once we activate our one month of netflix.

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