it's official

the pictures are taken. the ad is posted. and best of all, the sign is in the front yard!!!!!

yes, folks, we are officially selling our house.

here are the photos we used for the ad:

(thank you to everyone for their opinions on the photo for the house. we chose the second one. the trees were more defined and looked fuller, the snow completely covered the roof and it looked good in black and white like that. also, when i saw the melting snow in the first one it reminded me of needing to shovel and the sloppiness of winter. the second one evoked thoughts of cuddling up on the couch with hot chocolate while big fluffy snowflakes fell from the sky. yep, i am a dork.)

e-mail me if you want the link to our ad!


Roxanne said...

great pics- I finally get to see yoru house :) good luck keeping it that clean with 2 kiddos running amok :) great job getting it listed & ready

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