ichto the snow alligator

quickly they realized a snow kitty, snow doggy, and, yes, even a snowman were not to be created. the snow had turned to a powdery, icy mess. what to do? build a snow alligator! jesse and luca spent some time this afternoon outdoors, while an approaching thunderstorm loomed. very weird to see snow on the ground while lightning brightens the sky. they used rocks for teeth and spineys and luca dubbed their creation "ichto." not the best conditions for snowplay, but with the craziness of this weekend* (or the craziness of the last six months) it was the first time we've brought luca out in the snow this winter. he had a great time, threw a fit when we brought him in, and soon calmed down with the promise of hot chocolate in a real mug. luca explained, "this cup now for boys, mama."

*sometime later this week we will fill everyone in on our whirlwind saturday


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