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if you can't laugh at these pictures something is wrong with your sense of humor. okay, so maybe at one point i did not think them very funny. like when i was in the throes of pain due to an abscessed tooth. jesse recently found these photos in an email while cleaning out his work account.

back story: at the age of 8 , i fell off a ten speed bike i didn't really know how to stop with hand brakes. i hit my mouth on a curb and broke off my first adult tooth (front top right). It has been a thorn in my side ever since. i have had to replace the crown several times over the last 20 years. in the fall of 2005, an infection developed in the root of this tooth and i developed a severe case of cellulitis causing a trip to the emergency room for heavy duty antibiotics and an emergency root canal. my aunt cristine took these pictures (luca and i were visiting) when i woke up her household at a horribly early hour because my face felt weird. that was an understatement. my entire upper lip and nose and right cheek were swollen, hot, and red. i think it actually got worse after these pics were taken.

my aunt called me daffy duck. i felt like an extra in planet of the apes. and jesse's nickname "the snouse" is still used today. in the last photo, i am trying to smile. i can't believe i am showing these to everyone, but i guess we can all use a good laugh. enjoy!


Renee said...

AMAZING! You know I'm laughing. :)

Renee said...

You know, the side view sorta looks like the Grinch!

bec said...

Wow. Apparently I saw you a few days after this when there was MUCH less swelling. In the first pic, I think you look like a cartoon character.

Roxanne said...

that is awful- it looks painful-that was in 2005? glad you are back to your nonswollen beautiful self & healed!!

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