all-terrain gia

i feel that most of my posts recently have centered on the boy, so i would like to take some time to update all of you on the life and times of giavanna noelle.

my baby girl is becoming a toddler more and more every day. she says "bye-bye" and flaps a chubby hand in the air when you leave. she likes to bark like a dog. anything with a strap gets put on her shoulder like a purse and she wears it around the house. she currently eats more than luca at every meal - and thankfully is in a non-picky gimme it all phase. current faves include any and all kinds of beans (pinto, black, kidney, etc.), pepperjack cheese, hummus by the handful, canned apricots, and pasta with tomato sauce. if i talk about music, she begins "singing: and sways her body back and forth. she waits for jesse at the front window at the end of the day and when he pulls up, she begins screeching and pounding the glass. she is like a second shadow to her mama - i constantly have to keep from tripping over her while she follows me everywhere. and very cutely, she likes to walk backwards until she finds someone's lap and then cuddles up into it. this is one of the best parts of my day - feeling the weight of my daughter's body resting on my chest as we read books, watching her give kisses to each person/animal on the page.

jesse has dubbed her "all-terrain gia." this girl has not met an obstacle she is unwilling to tackle. luca's head, my legs, a suitcase, pillows, our cats, stacks of paper - she climbs over it all with gusto.


Roxanne said...

so sweet- Anni loves beans as well, in fact if she could only have one food it would be beans!!

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