making snowflakes

well, our family is on the mend and we are starting to feel cabin fever replace the flu. there are only so many ways to occupy young children and thankfully they are usually entertained with these limited activities. the problem is that the adults can be bored out of their mind by the end of the second day. yeah for me that luca is now old enough to enjoy the wonderful world of arts and crafts (my personal childhood major). luca has shown great skill and creativity with drawing. he has an eye for design - he would be a master at seeing shapes in the clouds - he already does it with scribbling, food, ironwork, abstract art, etc.

so this afternoon we made paper snowflakes. this was luca's first foray in the use of scissors. i gave him a piece of paper and let him get accustomed to using them. i folded my own paper, cut out my design, and revealed my snowflake. luca was thrilled at the result. he then began to purposefully cut out his "practice paper" in a similar shape. the bottom picture was his result! i was nothing short of amazed.

gia enjoyed collecting all the scraps of paper and scrunching them in her little chubby fists.


Roxanne said...

no way- he did that- I taught preschooler that could not cut like that- WOW Luca the artist :)

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