held hostage

instead of doing laundry, sweeping the floors, or making the beds, i am being held hostage by my son. when gia went down for her morning nap, i turned on a show for luca and planned on getting some housework done. instead, luca grabbed my leg and asked, "you snuggle on couch with me?" how could i say no? for anyone i haven't spoken with recently, i have been completely enamored with luca lately. he has been so sweet and funny. he asks questions with a singsong voice, invents silly words and phrases, comes up with new games all by himself, makes stunning and amazing observations about the world around him and is all-around very cuddly.

i was sitting here sorting through our vacation photos, with luca snuggling at my side, when i felt a tight squeeze on my arm. i looked down into my firstborn's innocent face and he whispered, "my love you, mama." my heart nearly burst with emotion.

(and in order to not show favorites, he followed it up with, "and my love papi, too.")


jamie rae said...

sounds like a great morning. i can't wait till i hear that from persis :). hope you're doing well otherwise!

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