bye bye green world, hello gray

well, we have safely arrived back in illinois after our 2 and a half week excursion. we flew out of sunny texas on thursday morning, arrived at my parents on thursday evening, and drove down to normal on friday morning. we are slowly un packing and getting settled. i would love to fill you all in our trip and post a ton of pics, but as i am sick with some weird flu-cold thing, it may be a few more days, but we'll see. we had a fabulous time with our family down there and enjoyed a break from the snow and bitter cold. one of my first observations leaving o'hare was how much grayer illinois looked than houston. regardless, we love our home state. happy new year to all!


Roxanne said...

blick, sick, no fun, hope you feel better asap girl! Happy 2008, I hope your year is filled with God's provision, guidance, & blessings!!

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