six months in

so i have been blogging for six months now. that doesn't seem quite right. giavanna has grown up so fast - almost one now - and luca will be three in just a few months. i have been reading my past posts and i am so glad i started doing this thing. so many small details about life collected in one spot. i'm hooked and don't expect to stop any time soon. thanks to all who enjoy reading about our lives. one request: start posting comments!! i love getting your reactions, feedback, and especially encouragement. . . and would love even more.


Roxanne said...

i am a loyal reader adn I too love having all the crazy, funny, touching, not so fun, and memorable moments and snapshots all togetehr. My hope is taht one day Anni will want to look thru it, I am sure Gia nad Luca will to!!! Love you!

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