one more luca highlight

jesse reminded me of this additional anecdote.

  • when i went to get luca after his nap yesterday, he was very concerned he could not find his paci. i located it under his blanket and left it at that. when jesse got home from work, however, i learned the rest of the story. luca told his papi that the grinch stole his paci during naptime. that morning, we had been playing with his stuffed grinch doll. when luca commented he looked "scary," i told him he was not "scary" but "unkind." i paraphrased the story and told him the grinch wanted to take away christmas, but we needed to give him big hugs to make feel loved. this was our dramatic play of the day, hiding from the grinch and then running over and giving him hugs to save christmas. well, i guess it backfired a bit. (luca has been adopting so many new fears.) so, i reminded him about the hugs and told him that the grinch was kind now and would not steal his paci. this made sense to luca, but we'll see how nap today goes.


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