yoga poses don't count as a live window vignette

we spent this evening in downtown bloomington for the annual christmas walk. many of the the stores stay open late, providing hot drinks and yummy treats for the customers. we were also supposed to enjoy "amazing live window vignettes." well, the windows of marshall fields (which i guess are now macy's - weird) don't have any competition. i will give props to the elves making jewelry in the bead parlor window, the women making candies in the gallery window, the bagpiper at winnie's, the woman working on needlepoint in the consignment shop, and the fairy at a. renee. but, as jesse put it, "yoga poses don't count as a live window vignette." (sorry yoga studio)

luca loved the generous offering of sweets at every store. by the end of the night, we had enough sugar in our system to stay awake for a week. from vegan chocolate chip cookies and peppermint hot chocolate at common ground to candy canes and more hot chocolate at the coffee hound, we had a great time. seeing as it was 29 degrees when we started, we made sure to bundle up and keep moving. gia had the warmest spot in the house in her blanket cocoon. a must stop spot was a visit to the chocolatier.


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