quick update

long week. gia has been sick since the weekend and, although her symptoms have improved, she is super clingy and cranky. i am pretty exhausted of trading off toting around a 25 pound baby and having a crying baby crawl after me around the house. luca may be getting sick - he took a nap at 11:30 this morning (before lunch) !

add to the bag, packing boxes and making all the tiny (and not so tiny) fixes to the house before the "for sale" sign can be put on the lawn and we are close to the edge of a major health meltdown. this afternoon, a full body fatigue fell over me. it was difficult to stay awake and i couldn't get my body temp up without soaking in a hot bath (while luca played upstairs and gia crawled around after him whining). i took the night off from house stuff - okay so i didn't have much of a choice - but i ask for prayer tomorrow in my mama duties - not so much of a choice.

honestly, we will be pushing it to get the sign out before thanksgiving and then we will only have a few weeks before our trip to houston. still not sure what we will do in the end but we can only do what we are doing.


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