luca (advanced) speak

luca is becoming such an eloquent toddler. both his vocabulary and understandable pronunciation are growing leaps and bounds. he is constructing (almost) grammatically correct sentences. he uses words for reasoning, description, and humor. some of our favorite phrases/sentences from the last month include:
  1. after i responded to jesse, "me too," luca quipped, "me three." his first joke.
  2. "my playing with my pay-do (play-dough), actually.
  3. "my don't like that apple eider (either)."
  4. "my need my cape. my need my fly-boat. my need to save the eagle." pretending to be a wonder pet.
  5. "my a baby, my not a big boy." when trying to convince me to give him his pacifier outside of his bed (since gia, who is a baby, gets to have one).
  6. when asking him to clean up his toys, "my play with my toys just a little while?"
  7. "one more, last one." his response when wants my to repeat something.
  8. "too hard, when my a man i say/do . . ."
  9. "my lub (love) this book/car/show/etc"
  10. "octagon like octopus" when labeling the shape for luca, he immediately noticed the similarity - so clever!

my personal patterns of speech and vocabulary preferences are made so evident having luca around. i have learned that i say the words actually and either a lot. luca also likes to list things in a sing-song voice like his mama. finally i also realize i have used the argument "when you are older, when you are a man like papi, you can do/say . . ." unfortunately, luca will now use this against me when he doesn't want to try something. with my past experience working with two and three year olds, i have to say this continues to be my favorite age for speech development. i laugh so much these days listening to him say new things. (which is good, since it is also so tiring with the emotional and social development changes. )


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