last sunday - a pony party and a pumpkin patch

more catch-up. last sunday we partied for natalie klunke's 4th birthday and ended the day with a final trip to the pumpkin patch. new pictures on picasa. highlights of the party included: the pinata finally breaking open and soaring right towards my head (thankfully i ducked and it just skimmed my sunglasses) and eating the very cool castle cake. afterwards, a return visit to rader's pumpkin patch was a must. we picked out new pumpkins for luca and gia (after the great squirrel debacle) and were able to get some great shots of the gia-pumpkin in the pumpkins.

below: gia and luca each sporting the pumpkin costume - two years apart! i know my kids look similar, but they definitely are not identical.


Roxanne said...

in that bottom pic Gia looks just like Lucca- crazy!!

Roxanne said...

ok, just realized that is Lucca, read the blog first Rox!

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