i need reminding. . .

. . . that my son does not always have days like today. that is why i am posting this video. i took this footage last week.. luca slept in one morning and i made him a huge bowl of oatmeal for "brunch" (i know it looks like an insane amount of food for a two and a half year old but he only likes things filled completely to the top these days. i hold firm against beverages but with most foods i choose not to battle. and he also usually finishes it all!) the video i would love to share is too long to upload so enjoy this shorter snippet of a happy day.

today was. . . horrid. that is the first and only word that comes to mind. he threw things at my face. he pushed, pulled, and hit gia. he threw toys, yelled, and disobeyed almost everything that came out of my mouth (and smiled while doing it). this is a phase, i know that. my friend sonya reminded me tonight that he is not a naughty child on a regular basis. so i will hold on to this truth for dear life and pray that tomorrow is a new day for both of us.



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