gia speak for real

so this a bit belated, bit gia is talking, kind of. starting last week, she surprised us with her first non-babbling type words. so far, they are "car" and "caco" (flaco, our cat). she is a bit obsessed with anything with wheels - cars, trucks, trains, etc - and all of them qualify as "car" in her book. okay, she also calls other random toys "cars" so maybe she doesn't quite get the idea yet. hotwheels probably rate number one, though, so easy to fit in her fist. this morning, she drove luca's dump truck from the living room to the kitchen - super cute to watch. her ongoing love affair with flaco has been strengthened by her ability to call his name when chasing him.

she has also been signing more words/phrases - "all done" and "bye bye" to add to "more." she has begun pointing to her nose and mouth when asked and she loves pointing to our faces too. a new game at dinner is for luca and gia to point to each others noses and then laugh hysterically.

it has been so fun to see her begin communicating to us more concretely. even more is seeing her personality develop more fully as she chooses her words based on the things she loves best. i look forward to hearing her next words and we'll keep you posted.


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