a fairytale halloween

for those of you waiting for the photos, wait no longer!

lucadragon flying through the yard.

giafairy sitting pretty.

our woodland fairy only eats leaves when outside.

my knight keeps the smiling dragon boy in check.

the wings and spikes lovingly crafted by mama.

luca's checking out how much candy can still fit in his pillowcase.

the damsel in distress waits patiently with a squirmy fairy and an eager dragon before heading through the neighborhood.

we had a fabulous time on wednesday. luca, gia, and i donned our costumes at 8am before heading off to my mom's group. i was the only mom dressed up (somewhere between 150-200 moms attend mom2mom too) but luca loved my outfit so that is all that mattered. i was the damsel in distress, wearing the crinoline from my wedding dress under a beautiful flowered skirt borrowed from danielle (it was just as cumbersome to move around in as i remembered. my neighbor commented that i looked like i just walked off a movie set. luca's dragon costume turned out exactly like i wanted and he had a blast roaring and flying his way around the day. amazingly, gia's wings and tutu held up through the entire morning and for the evening festivities. i had been a little worried that mixing amateur sewing skills with a ten month old. actually, i should say the same thing about luca's costume. although the reason it may have taken me longer than expected is all the extra stitching i put in that thing to make sure it was two year old proof.

after naps, we went over to jesse's office to trick or treat at the cubicles. we had tried practicing with luca the whole saying "trick-or-treat" gig - he was not having it. he explained to me in the car ride to the office, "too hard. when my a man, i say dat." so, he quietly went up to each cube, stuck out his puppy basket (because every dragon needs a pet dog) and gave a cute, "won't you give me candy" look. it worked and, soon, his basket was overflowing. gia just rode quietly along in her stroller until we came to the guy in the grim reaper costume. she very curiously stared him down and was not sure how to respond. by the time we finished, the workday was almost over. jesse met us at home and we literally pulled his costume together right there and then. he made a very dashing knight.

we went house to house on our block and luca continued the "trick-or-treat" boycott until the very last one. he then said a quiet "trick or treat" before the door was opened and refused to repeat it. later, he told us, "my a man now, my say dat." we had to move to a pillowcase for this collection, seeing as luca's cuteness brought out people's generosity to pour candy in his hands. it was very hard for luca not to each piece right away, but he did say thank you each time (before loudly announcing, "next house papi!"). gia again rode along in her stroller, but this time with a tray full of cheerios to keep her occupied. thank goodness for the beautiful weather! no coats or mittens needed and it was even light outside thanks to daylight savings being pushed back a week.

after coming home for dinner and fielding the door for trick or treaters for awhile (which is very difficult with two children in your home needing to be cared for - i almost wanted to put the candy on the step and let the kids take their own) we headed off to a halloween party for church, meaning delayed bedtimes and tired parents. not the best idea in hindsight, but we did enjoy luca's dragon dance and watching him stare in confusion at the giant banana. he also got over his shock at josh and danielle's zombie makeup. we were sad not to visit with joel and rebecca and see baby stella in her star cape, but we did not finish dinner until after her bedtime.

i am so glad i made the costumes, even though we are so busy right now. i take a lot pleasure from working with my hands and crafting beautiful things. my initial thought was to buy something premade, but this was much more fulfilling and rewarding. God gifted me with the ability and desire to create. i am thankful that as i learn more about my limitations, i also find ways to express these gifts within my boundaries.


annalea said...

oh and thanks to everyone who voted on the cotume poll. dragon and fairy were the big winners (10 votes) - probably didn't sway our personl decision much - luca just got very excited about it. but bam bam and pebbles did have two votes of their own.

Normal, IL said...

Those costumes were amazing! Good job! I don't even want to know how many hrs you put into those. Maybe Stella can borrow Gia's fairy costume for next year:)

Roxanne said...

Great job ann- you all looked so cute! How fun!!

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