bugs bunny plays russian roulette and luca does dog tricks

note: this post was edited at 10am on monday morning for major grammatical errors. it seems that my sentences got all jumbled while in edit mode. you should now be able to understand and enjoy. (i am sure there are still errors but an overall comprehension is now available.)

so we went to a free showing of cartoons at the uptown normal theater, but we did not stay very long. surprisingly it wasn't because of our children, but rather the content. i was prepared for the old warner bros. cartoons to be more extreme than we are used to - i mean i remember how often wile e. coyote blew himself up trying to catch the road runner and how yosemite sam was more than a bit trigger happy. but when a kitty cat almost got cut up with a butcher knife, bugs bunny played russian roulette and tweety bird complained of a peeping tom cat, i couldn't believe my ears and eyes and we ended up leaving early (but still got our goodie bags of coupons and biscotti). luca was wide-eyed with awe at his first movie theater experience. thankfully he did not know any better to wonder why we left so quickly. the weather was so beautifully mild, it was so nice to just walk around with our free candy canes from santa claus (weird to me to have a holiday open house before thanksgiving).

last night we visited with our beloved friend renee in from los angeles. she was part of our original church plant team in 2001, but left a few years back for the brights lights and big city. actually she is now part of kairos, a very cool church planted by gcm in los angeles. gia was mesmerized by the jazz band at the restaraunt and craig (husband of our old worship band member sara but relative stranger to us) kindly held her near the musicians at length. gia also visited with one of her future best friends, stella (who is also renee's niece). the girls are only 10 weeks apart but while stella is wearing 6-12 month shirts from old navy, gia is now in a 2T.

i did not get very many photos of our hang-out last night, but i did catch some very funny moments of luca doing dog tricks. before you express any outrage at parading our two-year old around like an animal, please know that this was completely innocent. luca realized that if hurley got a cracker for every trick performed, maybe it would work for him too. we did play into his game by rewarding him with crackers, however, and we thoroughly enjoyed his performance. the boy was absolutely a doll last night. one of those times you want to point and say, "yes, this is my child. isn't he great?" he continues to express himself with verbal cuteness. our favorite was his response to my question, "would you like papi to bake cookies with us some sometime?" luca replied, "yes! that'd be great!"



Renee said...

I'm glad you caught that on video b/c it was dang hilarious. Save that for when Luca's older-he'll love it!

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