additions to luca speak

i have accumulated a few more things to add to my last post.

  1. "yesterday" - any time in the past before luca last slept - i.e. this morning, yesterday, last week, three months ago, etc.
  2. "someday/one day" - any time in the future - i.e. tomorrow, next week, next month, when he is a "man"
  3. "maybe not" - luca's polite way of saying no. (in context - me: luca, can you reach that blanket?" luca: "maybe not." or me: "luca do you need a diaper change?" luca: "maybe not.")
  4. "my feet are getting ruined." instead of just telling me his feet were stuck in the couch, he thought he would speak my language.

i will try to catch some luca speak on video soon.


Renee said...

My Thai roommates say "maybe not" in the exact same way!

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