short but sweet updates

the kitchen: beginning plumbing is complete, walls are repaired, floor is almost finished, cabinets need to be installed, along with countertops, lighting, sink, faucet;

the kids: both are sick but not too bad, gia has begun making this pitiful whine noise when she sees jesse that only stops if he is holding her

i am very tired and feeling achey all over - hopefully not the beginning of a major flare-up but not looking too good. for the last few weeks i have been having more and more bad days. making some poor decisions mixed with the craziness of life. such is life.

we went to the apple orchard/pumpkin patch today - one opf my favorite thinsg to do all year. i used up all my daily energy this morning and will have to post about it later.


Roxanne said...

love you girl, will pray for you today!

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