a royal wedding

my attempt at humor. amber (a young lady from our church and a past babysitter) married jonathon (a staffer at i-life) and they are now the kings! new pictures on picasa.

this was the first time we chose not to attend the ceremony due to nap schedules and a possibly overcrowded church (there were maybe 350 people at this wedding) on the drive home from peoria, i noted to jesse that it was so unsatisfying to just attend the reception. i didn't feel nearly as connected to the couple. they had just made a covenant before God, their family and friends, yet it was so abstract without having witnessed it. the looks, vows, and rings they exchanged were not memories i could reflect on. if we can avoid it in the future, i will not make the same choice.

during dinner, luca and isaiah were a crazy two-year-old duo. the differences between the two of them were so evident to me. isaiah defintely has two older brothers and is much more comfortable with rough and tumble play. luca fell over several times, needing kisses and hugs to comfort his cries, while isaiah just shook it off. luca was very particular about jumping from circle to circle on the patterned carpet, while isaiah jumped every which way (much to luca's frustration).

amber and jonathon invited the other father-daughter and mother-son duos on the floor during their respective dances. jesse and giavanna shared a special moment since amber and her father had chosen "my little girl" by tim mcgraw, which happens to be the first song jesse danced to with gia in the hospital. gia's christmas present to her papi was the soundtrack containing that song.

so many of our friends, old and new, were present, but it is hard to socialize with the two babes. either you are busy taking care of them or you are exhausted from taking care of them and kind of want to rest. but jesse and i did get in a little swing dancing before we left - yeah! a fun night but also a tiring one.


Normal, IL said...

Hey - Joel's aunt, uncle, and cousin, Greg, Carolynn, and Taylor Sunkel, were at that wedding. They know the guy from Southern IL. They were very impressed with Joe's officiating and somehow connected Joe to us. It's a small world after all!

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