posts that might not happen

i haven't been finding as much time this last week to post. there are several stories i want to share that may not find their way to my blog. here are the titles and summaries of the blogs that may never be:

pumpkins are not squirrel food: each day more and more of luca and gia's pumpkins are eaten by a hungry critter - you can now see the hollow middle of gia's

what do you do when?: your toddler locks himself in the bathroom and you don't have a key? talk to him through the door until he finally figures out how to unlock it.

i have cabin fever: when your kids are sick and their schedules already oppose each other, you don't get to leave the house. ahhhh!

lost: kitchen: although jesse is working soooooo hard, i really want my kitchen back!

there are others, but i am out of time, sick baby awake from short nap and sick toddler wanting to make an "alpapet train."


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