one month belated birthday mwa mwa


one month ago today, mwa mwa hart had a birthday. we were waiting to post a birthday greeting until we saw him, so we could include the pics from the celebration. well, the visit kept being postponed due to a variety of factors and when we did finally get to see him (last sunday), we were in the midst of the kitchen remodel. therefore, no cake, no singing, no party. luca and i, however, made this video several weeks back in preparation for his mwa mwa's birthday. we love you viejo!

i was thinking to myself today, "self, you have not posted enough videos lately, or very many pictures for that matter. you better resolve that issue." so here we go; a second video and an adorable picture.

below is a video from our visit last weekend you will love (if not, maybe you are in the wrong place). mwa mwa and luca were pretending to play catch with an imaginary ball and a paper bag. luca has been very into humor lately. his laugh is completely forced, but he is having a "ball."


gia and mwa mwa had some cuddle time on the couch before bed. at one point, they had matching hairstyles, but i missed the shot.


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