omg lutpc!

outside of the text messaging commercials on tv, i am not well-versed in the lingo - idk, bff, lol - i know the basics. so i made up a new acronym to share my excitement. omg lutpc: oh my goodness, luca used the potty chair! a major celebration is in order and hopefully less diapers to wash in my future. he gets a sticker to put on the seat each time and a treat (candy of some sort; today, 2 swedish fish) afterwards.

fyi, it was the first time he saw poop outside of his diaper. he described it, "like a real big slimy (meaning worm)." i know you all wanted to read that. ;-)


Josh Peters said...

Congratulations! I'm glad I read this after lunch ;)

Megan said...

My boys used to call their poops snakes :)

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