not to be a downer. . .

. . . but i am in a bad mood. i have been for a few days and i don't particularly feel like doing anything about it righht now. it doesn't help that the world is consipiring against me - i found out after i shampood my hair this morning that i had no conditioner (not a good thing with for me especially when i am 4-5 weeks past due for a trim), i keep forgetting to order disposable contacts, and i am out of my makeup - do not laugh at my woes - wednesdays are the only day i am guaranteed to style my hair or put on makeup and feel pretty (i have my mom's group and get to hang out with adults sans children for 2 whole hours). plus, gia is into this whole screaming all the time thing - not for any particular reason, although it gets much more screechy when she is hungry and tired. plus my two-year old has still not caught on to the whole "obey your mama or suffer the consequences thing" much less been trained to want to obey with joy.

**** okay, so i know i need to get perspective and weather through this season of mamahood but i am tired and crabby. when i shake this funk (or pray that i can persevere through it and be joyful while still enduring it), i will relay all of the cuteness of lucciano and giavanna.


Roxanne said...

girl, feel it, it heals the soul to get it out there- God can handle it. SOme days it is the little things that add up but know I think you are a great Mama & beautiul with or without conditioner and make-up!

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