my crazy little girl

things i learned about gia today
  • she can climb stairs (i ran upstairs to get a diaper, luca followed me, and when he turned back around to go down, he shouted, "gia crawl upstairs like guca!" she had cleared the bottom two stairs and had made the turn to come up the rest - super scary! will never leave the room without a gate again.
  • she can climb on top of the packed up pack 'n play, stand up and reach on top of a table. - also super scary - rule #1: approach baby very slowly to avoid spooking her and making her fall!
  • her top two front teeth finally broke through - maybe the cause of the whining noises last week and hopefully means they are a thing of the past.
  • one baby can have enough snot come out of her to match her body weight
  • she no longer will take any type of predictable nap - an unfortunate combination of sickness and teething, excitement at jesse being home last week, learning how to stand in the crib, and a new love to throw things (meaning her pacifier across the room!), i barely got her down for two one-hour naps
  • i can not get her fed if luca is at the table - she now lives to entertain him and wants him to imitate all her silliness


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