morning at the pumpkin patch

last friday, i took the kiddos to rader's farm, a nearby pumpkin patch. our cabin fever broke with this first outing of the week. yes, five days stuck in the house! we met another mom and little boy from my care circle at mom2mom for a picnic lunch and fun times. the corn kernel play bin was the biggest hit, along with the hay stack "maze" - not so much a maze, but definitely enjoyable. there was a turkey roaming the grounds; we gave it a wide berth because, man, that beak looked sharp. the goats rosie and baby emily kept jumping their pen and running away from the owner and dog. rosie always came right back to the corn kernel bin to munch while the kids played. i love small local places like this - no crowds, great prices - just us and the countryside. we will probably head back a time or two before the season is over. if for no other reason than to replace the ravaged pumpkins. oh and also to get pics of gia in the pumpkin costume - she ended up sleeping most of our visit. see all of our fun on picasa!


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