the kitchen is broken

craziness. that is a description for living in a house with no kitchen. not impossible, just keeping me a little crazier - as if having two kids two and under wasn't enough. i have been doing the dishes in the bathroom sink and we have been eating too much take-out (so far pizza, jimmy johns and chinese - i am feeling a bit sick of it, i just want to eat something homemade.)

on saturday, when luca woke up from his nap to find the entire kitchen gutted, he exclaimed, "the kitchen is broken!" he spent the rest of the afternoon helping my dad pull up the old vinyl flooring, while i kept gia out of reach from all appetizing pieces of cabinets, counters, and floors.

by the way, cameron was released from the hospital yesterday and after stopping here for the day, my parents took him back home last night. he is feeling better, but still will need a lot of rest and healing.

i am still really tired (i feel like i write that a lot, oh wait - i have a pain and fatigue syndrome, so i guess that makes sense) - but also still recovering from the whole late night surgical waiting room ordeal.
more to come on the kitchen remodel . . .


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