"i simply remember my favorite things"

if i could write my own lyrics to that song (from the sound of music) it would include "apple orchards and pumpkin patches on brisk and sunny fall afternoons. i look forward to this trip all year long. the unnatural october temps couldn't even spoil it. the heat may have cut the visit a bit short though, and with two young ones to manage, i did not get to savor the experience as much as i would have liked.

what i did enjoy was watching luca run around in his cowboy hat and bandana. his hair was plastered to his head by the time we got in the car to go home - as he described it, "my hair all fweaty." gia has not quite outgrown the bjorn thankfully and jesse was the packmule (he had gia strapped on while pulling luca and the pumpkins in a wagon.
we didn't get to spend as much time taking pictures (especially with gia in the pumpkins) as i wanted due to the heat but i am sure i will take them to one of the local smaller places before the season is over.

see the rest of our pics on picasa!


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